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Gabrielle has been a SCUBA diver her entire adult life. She has a passion for diving and loves to teach people how to overcome any challenges to enjoy the world from a different perspective- one that few ever get a chance to experience. When trained properly, SCUBA diving is an extremely safe, rewarding, and fun sport. You will forget all your stresses when you are breathing underwater, soaking in the amazing sights around you!

Long before Gabrielle formed Life Worth Leading, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, she donated 100% of her proceeds from teaching SCUBA to other nonprofit organizations including the local homeless shelter and charities that serve people with disabilities as well as animals. Today, she uses the nonprofit to share the joy of SCUBA at many events, and she offers scholarships to people with disabilities. So, when you register for classes with Gabrielle, you not only get a great learning experience, but you can also be assured that ALL profits will go to a great cause!

Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli is also CEO of Gabrielle Consulting, Inc., which focuses on inspiring leadership in others and teaching people to improve motivation, performance, and learning. What does SCUBA have to do with human performance improvement? EVERYTHING. If you are on Facebook, like our page and visit the album with that title to see recent pics!

SCUBA with Tallahassee Instructor, Course Director, and Regional Manager Gabrielle

SCUBA Diving is an amazing sport! There is something magical about breathing underwater, surrounded by turtles, manta rays, spotted eagle rays, dolphins, and more, checking out an historic shipwreck or exploring a limestone cavern. From the crystal clear springs of north Florida to the aqua colored Gulf waters and beyond, there is so much to see in our area when you are underwater.

Tallahassee SCUBA Instructor Gabrielle with student Erin celebrate her successful checkout dives to earn her open water certification!

SCUBA Diving is Safe, Fun, and Rewarding

What sets Gabrielle and SCUBA Educators International apart is the emphasis on education and safety. If you are looking to get certified in a weekend, then this is NOT the place for you. If you don't mind putting in more time toward learning, homework, and practice, then you will become a safer diver, you will have more fun, and the sport will be much more rewarding because you will be able to fully enjoy the relaxation that SCUBA diving offers. Gabrielle has a Ph.D. in education, and her specialty is motivation. She loves to help people overcome fear and conquer challenges. SCUBA will help improve every other aspect of your life! Gabrielle says, "True transformation to leadership begins when people overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs to get out of their comfort zones and into their strength zones."

HSA SCUBA with Gabrielle for Divers with Disabilities

People with disabilities, learn to SCUBA dive with an instructor certified through Handicapped SCUBA Association (HSA). Water is wonderful and healing! I enjoy partnering with Florida Disabled Outdoors Association to provide SCUBA opportunities. We enjoy sharing SCUBA at SPORTSABILITY where we award full scholarships for a private course valued at $800 each. We also volunteer at events including Rotary Youth Camp and the Family Café to enable kids with disabilities to experience SCUBA. We do this through Life Worth Leading, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

SCUBA Educators International

SCUBA Educators International (SEI) is a worldwide organization with the highest quality of education and standards in the industry. SEI took over the YMCA SCUBA program and maintained the same high standards. YMCA is the oldest and most respected certifying agency in the business.

The training takes longer than all traditional dive shops, but learners end up being more prepared and safer divers.

With SEI, the emphasis is not only on safety and enjoyment, but also on how and why people learn. Education is key to making sure that you have fun while SCUBA diving and that you want to enjoy it for the rest of your life!